Growing demand for Paving & Concrete jobs

Many friends and family members have recently started asking around , whether or not we here at Supreme Concrete Solutions have felt any sort of a slow-down or a sloppy downhill

With our incoming work. Truth is , it seems that all people have on their minds these days is paving the back yard so that more select parties end up with everyone stepping on something other than grass or a deck which obviously rules out the option of wearing heels . In short , if you haven’t lost your job to COVID19  god forbid, and you seem to get exhilarated from just thinking about remodeling your back porch or , walk way , patio or parking slab – well then you just may be one of our happy clients , or in general you’re the kind of person who is very likely to be looking up Concrete and Paving Contractors this time of the year.

So, has a change been building up for concrete and paving contractors during COVID19?

Talking about Covid, terrible as it is – it’s been giving people (the staying home sort in particular) a rather firm reason to initiate lots of home improvement activities; From Landscaping projects to Concrete and Paving Projects that simply have to get executed – “so why not now?”

Well the answer for the most part (especially for those whose walkway should have gotten re-paved a long time ago some might add, and since these lines have to do with Concrete jobs, let us just make sure to mention we’re an Ohio Based Concrete and Paving Contractor ,
Taking Paving Projects mainly in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland Ohio, however in many cases we actually end up making a stretch , providing our Concrete Services to people living somewhere in between the dots sort of speak.

It needs to be said that the majority of our personnel is consisted of very good and professional Paving Pro’s! Most of our employees have been executing Concrete and Paving Projects for roughly a decade and they show a very high level of bottom line job quality presenting our clients with a job well done, each and every time

What types of Concrete & Paving Projects do we take? Here’s a list:

  • We do Stamped Concrete
  • We do stained concrete
  • We could build you a killer Pool Deck (your friends won’t stop showing up)
  • We do Epoxy jobs too…
  • We pave walkways
  • We pave parking slabs, patios and stair cases.

If you feel like you still lack some information regarding a desired Concrete project , please do not hold back, contact us and we’ll be more than delighted to hand over a good estimate which will stay in touch with the actual reality onsite.


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